Commercial Diving

There’s many ways to earn a living from diving.

Commercial diving work is an exciting way to make a living – you can choose to specialise in offshore oil and gas, construction diving, fish farming, abalone and pearl diving and scientific diving.

Your career options include:

  • Inland /Onshore diving
    1. Aquaculture: A great place to start your career – either in Port Lincoln’s tuna farms or the salmon farms in Tasmania. Often full time; expect to be paid around $50,000 – $60,000 per year.
    2. Construction: Working on the wharves or tank cleaning is considered the ‘apprenticeship’ for offshore diving – you’ll need a Part 2 qualification to get started. Work tends towards short-term contracts and you’ll need to travel for new employment prospects.
  • Offshore diving
    1. Offshore oil and gas industries: Take your career round the globe – these diving jobs usually require some previous experience and a Part 3 qualification.
  • Scientific and Archaeological Diving
    1. Use your skills to support scientific research anywhere in the world.

Get started in your new diving career now.

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